Wichita SQL Server User Group

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Wichita SQL Server User Group CharterPatrick PurvianceGovernance2/7/201118.57 KBDownload
Looney Tuner? There IS a method to my madnessStephan ReckersMeeting Archive5/17/20111.30 MBDownload
T-SQL Analytic Functions - SlidesStephan ReckersMeeting Archive3/21/20131.21 MBDownload
T-SQL Analytic Functions - Sample CodeStephan ReckersMeeting Archive3/21/20136.85 KBDownload
Extend Your Knowledge with Extended EventsStephan ReckersMeeting Archive4/26/20131.43 MBDownload
The Big What IfStephan ReckersMeeting Archive9/23/20132.15 MBDownload
How to failure proof your BI projectsStephan ReckersMeeting Archive2/29/20166.03 MBDownload
Common SQL server mistakesStephan ReckersMeeting Archive4/9/20161.77 MBDownload











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